Joana’s first individual painting exhibition, held in 1997 in Madeline Lamartine Art Office, Recife. The paintings were inspired and influenced by Armorial Art, as well as by graphics and forms present in Joana Lira’s graphic analysis of rock paintings in the Sertão do Seridó, Rio Grande do Norte. All works acrylic on wood.

O Sol Encobralado (The Snaky Sun)
1.00 x 1.50 m

O Manto Estampado (The Print Mantle)
0.80 x 1.20 m

Ariano Suassuna handwritten note in the exhibition´s comments book:
“Dear Joana: I loved Beasts so much, really crazy and beastly. You´re a great ally, faithful to your ground, to your roots, and the same time so young, so unique, with an art so powerful, that we wonder to be created in the nooks and crannies of you person, so beautiful, so lovely, so feminine. With my regards, and more than that, with my enthusiasm, accept a gentle kiss Ariano Suassuna Recife, Dec. 1, 1997"

O Acasalamento (The Mating)
1.20 x 0.80 m

A Caça (The Hunt)
0.80 x 0.60 m

Bicho Preto (Black Beast)
1.00 x 1.00m