Liveliness, enthusiasm and a Brazilian spirit are some of the features of the partnership Joana Lira formed in August 2015 with Branco, a company specializing in wallpaper. The Barroco (Baroque), Mandacaru, Pirâmide (Pyramid), Maracatu, Nuvem (Cloud) and Revoada (Birds in Flight) patterns have been developed, in addition to six large panels.

Chuva de Primavera (Springtime Shower) Panel

Chuva de Primavera (Springtime Shower) Is when the blooming comes from within or might fall from the sky, or when the sky cries tears of flowers for missing the ground. Spring rains in the dark or in the light, with the intense colors of leaves and flowers. A passion for life.

Wallpaper rolls

Etnia (Ethnicity) Panel
Strong goddess queen, serene and powerful. Her ethnicity is beauty and love. Her name might be Venus or Aphrodite. She is adorned with a water headdress and painted with childlike lines, unpretentious, free, yet balanced. Confetti rains every time she goes by.

Color choices for the Pirâmide (Pyramid) Pattern

Barroco (Baroque) Pattern
Romantic forest, dreamlike, dense, ornamental, with a narrative that plays on symmetry, populated by graphics, branches of plants and birds that entwine to form a plot where the backdrop is almost a texture.

Maracatu Pattern
A burst of color, richness and brilliance. Its elements, inspired by the embroidered ornaments of the collars of the Maracatu Rural caboclos (a cultural manifestation of the Pernambuco Carnival), are composed in a fluid dance-like motion.

The Mandacaru wallpaper honors the Northeastern wilds and their richness

The softness, light composition in stark contrast with the toughness, resilience and strength of the Mandacaru cactus

Mandacaru wallpaper

O Pássaro Panel
It has just got free from its cage. It wants to fly in the shape of splendor. Its body is made out of energy details that emanate light and a desire for beauty