From 2001 to 2011, Joana Lira was part of the creative team behind the scenography and visual identity project for the Recife Carnival. The project was featured in many exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, including the Art and City exhibition at Designmai, in Germany, in 2006; Design Brasileiro Hoje: Fronteiras, in 2009, MAM in São Paulo; Expo Xangai 2010; Samba Etc., at Musée International do Carnaval et du Masque, in Belgium, in 2011; and Carna Vale, in 2015, at FIESP in São Paulo. Work in partnership with Carlos Augusto Lira architectural firm.

Giant Panel in Patio de São Pedro, 2009

A 30-meter panel as monumental as Galo da Madrugada, named the most popular Carnival krewe party by the Guinness Book of Records, Recife, 2007

Created in 2001 for the visual identity of the Recife Carnival, this family of characters represents the diversity of the Pernambuco State Carnival

28-meter tall inflatable King and Queen of Maracatu, 2002

Decoration on Duarte Coelho Bridge, 2009

Municipal Ball party set-up, 2009

Aerial decorations made of PET bottles, 2006

Alameda dos Bichos on Marquês de Olinda Avenue, 2006

Horsemen influenced by “A Pedra do Reino” by Ariano Suassuna, the artist honored in the 2006 Recife Carnival

Maracatu Nação characters on Maurício de Nassau Bridge, 2008

Maracatu Nação parade, 2008

Reinterpretation of “Siren”, by Abelardo da Hora, the artist honored in the 2008 Carnival

Decorative finishing, 2008

Alameda das Mulheres (Women’s Lane) on Rio Branco Avenue, 2008

Characters of the 2008 Carnival

Maracatu Parade on Vidal de Negreiros Street, 2010

Patio de São Pedro decorated with characters influenced by the work of Vicente do Rêgo Monteiro, 2010

Marco Zero Square, 2010

A 35-meter wide façade for the Municipal Ball, 2010

Characters for the 2009 Carnival, influenced by the work of Cícero Dias

Maracatu Parade on Marques de Olinda Avenue, 2009

Project and execution, 2009

Plotter printing decorations, 2011

Characters influenced by the work of Tereza Costa Rego, the artist honored in the 2011 Recife Carnival

Caboclo de Lança, 2007

Scenography creation group of the Recife Carnival: Eduardo Lira, Joana Lira and Carlos Augusto Lira

Released in 2008 by DBA Publishing House and nominated for Jabuti Award 2009, in Book Design Category, the book Outros Carnavais depicts the path of the work in Recife Carnival. Sold out edition. Released in 2008 by DBA Publishing House and nominated for the 2009 Jabuti Award in the Book Design Category, the book Outros Carnavais (Other Carnivals) depicts work for the Recife Carnival over time. Sold out edition.