Iara, Saci, Curupira and Boitatá. Illustration for Google’s Folklore Day 2018


The first piece created for Tok&Stok was the Ave Eva Ave bag, in 2011. Since then, other product collections have been developed. In 2014, six collections were released at once and Joana Lira officially became one of Tok&Stok’s partner designers. In 2015 the Casario (Houses) […]


The partnership with L´Occitane began in 2011 with the Vitória-Régia (Water Lily) collection’s packing and communication materials for the L´Occitane group’s new brand, L´Occitane au Brésil, celebrating the Brazilian biodiversity. The packaging of the Água de Coco (Coconut Water) soap collection was released in 2014 […]


Visual identity for the Uber Destination Brazil event, 2018


All works on display here are available for purchase. The drawings are all original. The technical and size information are specified next to each piece.The fine art prints are signed, printed on 300g paper and made in runs of 50 or 100 units per format. […]

For Sale

Creation of the Pássaro com Amor (Bird with Love) and Folha collections, in partnership with Dalle Piagge, a factory of handmade Encaustic tiles, 2015. To order: ladrilhos@dallepiagge.com.br http://www.dallepiagge.com.br/linha-exclusiva.php

Dalle Piagge Encaustic Tiles

Liveliness, enthusiasm and a Brazilian spirit are some of the features of the partnership Joana Lira formed in August 2015 with Branco, a company specializing in wallpaper. The Barroco (Baroque), Mandacaru, Pirâmide (Pyramid), Maracatu, Nuvem (Cloud) and Revoada (Birds in Flight) patterns have been developed, […]

Branco Wallpaper

Creation of 30 illustrations for Banco do Brasil’s Nossas Diferenças Fazem a Diferença (“Our Differences Make a Difference”) national campaign, used nationwide in Brazil in 2008 and 2009.

Banco do Brasil

Visual identity creation inspired in the Amazon’s characters and folk tales. Project done in partnership with designer Tacio Ferraz. http://www.frutosdaamazonia.com.br/

Frutos da Amazônia

Creation of the capsule collection O Galanteio do sereno numa noite quente de verão (“The wooing of dew on a hot summer night”), released in celebration of FIT’s 30th anniversary. The print brings up playful aspects of nature, such as the breeze, the rustling of […]