Joana Lira painted on pottery and china from 1996 to 2006. At first, her biggest challenge was to find material available from the marketplace and turn it into special pieces with her painted designs. After seven years, she began to create her own casts and interfere in them through painting.

Macunaíma bowl, hand-painted pottery Collection, 2003

Olho D´Água (water hole) vase, hand-painted china, 2003

Bambu (Bamboo) vase, hand-painted china, 2003

Cão e Gato (Dog and Cat), leftover transfer collage on china sculptures, 2004

Mão Terra (Earth Hand), hand-painted china sculpture, 2004

Earthenware vase, Tropical Collection, cast inspired in female curves, 2006

Bolas do Céu (Sky Balls), pottery Collection, 2004

Hand-painted vases. Mold inspired in the pregnant female form, 2004

Pattern transfer applied on pottery vase. Own mold, 2004

Pottery fruit bowl, 2004

Casulo (Cocoon) vase, pottery. Own mold, 2004

Bolha (Bubble) vase, pottery. Own mold, 2004