From 2001 to 2011, Joana Lira was part of the creative team behind the scenography and visual identity project for the Recife Carnival. The project was featured in many exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, including the Art and City exhibition at Designmai, in Germany, in […]

Recife Carnival

Exhibition curated by Mamé Shimabukuro on the visual identity and scenography work done for the Pernambuco State Carnival over a period of 10 years. The exhibition was on in Jan-Mar 2018, at the Tomie Ohtake Institute, São Paulo. “Bringing the exhibition inside the institute meant […]

When Life Turns Euphoric

Site-specific created in 2017 for Sesc Santo André, in the Greater São Paulo, curated by Diego Matos. Addresses a departure from life’s standards, prisons and constraints, in addition to proposing reflection on what we take from nature through violence, and how it responds. Self-cultivation is […]

When It All Bursts Out

Joana’s first individual painting exhibition, held in 1997 in Madeline Lamartine Art Office, Recife. The paintings were inspired and influenced by Armorial Art, as well as by graphics and forms present in Joana Lira’s graphic analysis of rock paintings in the Sertão do Seridó, Rio […]

Crazy Beasts

Mapa Moradia (“Housing Map”) was created for the visual communication material of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing in 2009. Project done in partnership with designer Elisa von Randow. “Joana Lira knew like nobody else how to translate in drawings the hard task […]


Iara, Saci, Curupira and Boitatá. Illustration for Google’s Folklore Day 2018


The first piece created for Tok&Stok was the Ave Eva Ave bag, in 2011. Since then, other product collections have been developed. In 2014, six collections were released at once and Joana Lira officially became one of Tok&Stok’s partner designers. In 2015 the Casario (Houses) […]


The partnership with L´Occitane began in 2011 with the Vitória-Régia (Water Lily) collection’s packing and communication materials for the L´Occitane group’s new brand, L´Occitane au Brésil, celebrating the Brazilian biodiversity. The packaging of the Água de Coco (Coconut Water) soap collection was released in 2014 […]


Visual identity for the Uber Destination Brazil event, 2018


Creation of the Pássaro com Amor (Bird with Love) and Folha collections, in partnership with Dalle Piagge, a factory of handmade Encaustic tiles, 2015. To order:

Dalle Piagge Encaustic Tiles

Liveliness, enthusiasm and a Brazilian spirit are some of the features of the partnership Joana Lira formed in August 2015 with Branco, a company specializing in wallpaper. The Barroco (Baroque), Mandacaru, Pirâmide (Pyramid), Maracatu, Nuvem (Cloud) and Revoada (Birds in Flight) patterns have been developed, […]

Branco Wallpaper

Creation of 30 illustrations for Banco do Brasil’s Nossas Diferenças Fazem a Diferença (“Our Differences Make a Difference”) national campaign, used nationwide in Brazil in 2008 and 2009.

Banco do Brasil

Creation of the visual identity for the Sete Cidades (PI), Ubajara (CE), Serra das Confusões (PI) and Jericoacoara (CE) Nationals Parks, 2014. Project done in partnership with architect Manoela Machado and designer Tacio Ferraz.


Creation of 53 illustrations for As Metas do Plano Nacional de Cultura (Goals of the National Culture Plan) published by the Ministry of Culture, 2012


Visual identity and scenography creation for the Visitors Centers in six state parks in Alto do Ribeira region, São Paulo State: Ilhabela, Ilha do Cardoso, PETAR, Intervales, Carlos Botelho and Caverna do Diabo. This work was part of the São Paulo State Government’s Ecotourism in […]

São Paulo State Parks

Creation of the visual identity and scenography for the 27th Garanhuns Winter Festival, 2017. The Festival is a Pernambuco State event dedicated to music, film, dramatic arts, popular culture and every other form of Brazilian artistic expression. Work done in partnership with the Carlos Augusto […]

Garanhuns Winter Festival

Visual identity creation inspired in the Amazon’s characters and folk tales. Project done in partnership with designer Tacio Ferraz.

Frutos da Amazônia

Creation of the capsule collection O Galanteio do sereno numa noite quente de verão (“The wooing of dew on a hot summer night”), released in celebration of FIT’s 30th anniversary. The print brings up playful aspects of nature, such as the breeze, the rustling of […]


Natureza é Luz (Nature is Light) is a poetic composition made from wood and colorful layers of ribbons cut from PET bottles. Here, the waste is given a noble, essential role. The piece was created exclusively for the RioMar Environment Week of 2018. The PET […]

RioMar Recife

Joana Lira painted on pottery and china from 1996 to 2006. At first, her biggest challenge was to find material available from the marketplace and turn it into special pieces with her painted designs. After seven years, she began to create her own casts and […]


In Joana Lira´s creative work, the line is the main driver in every scene. Another important component of her drawing is the color that fills the trace. With Mergulho – imaginário para colorir (Dive – Imaginary coloring book) Joana for the first time shares her […]


Trio Nordestino (Northeastern Trio) for the St. John’s Festivities’ visual identity, Recife City Hall, 2009

St. John’s Festivities

Creation of the visual identity and scenography for the 69th Congress of the Brazilian Dermatological Society, held in Recife in 2014. Submitted to the 11th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial. Project done in partnership with designer Tacio Ferraz and architects Carlos Augusto Lira and Ana Maria […]

Dermato Recife 2014

Audi Magazine cover, winner of the Pearl Awards in the Best Use of Illustration category, 2009

TRIP Publishing

Notas de Biblioteca 5 (Library Notes #5), São Paulo State Bureau of Culture, 2013

Biblioteca Viva

Illustrations for the children’s and teens’ book Cordel Adolescente, Ó Xente! (Teen Cordel, Folks!) by Silvia Orthof, 2012

FTD Publishing

Illustrations for the book O Palhaço e A Bailarina (The Clown and the Ballerina), by Antonio Carlos Viana and Sônia Maria Machado, 2007

Edelbra Publishing

Visual identity creation for the Boa Praça Movement, a São Paulo City group intended to mobilize people, companies, government entities and institutions to occupy and rehabilitate public spaces, in particular public squares, returning them to their intended purpose: recreation, leisure, debate and inclusion.

Boa Praça Movement

Visual communication developed for the project that mobilized the community surrounding the Corujas Linear Park, in São Paulo’s Vila Beatriz district. The project aimed to propose new uses for the public area. The project was idealized by designer Carolina Férres (Café Urbano) and architect Renata […]

Coruja Project

Participation in the revitalization campaign for the Éder Sader Square in São Paulo’s Vila Madalena district. The recovery effort directly involved the community and had the support of private enterprise and the government, 2014.

Éder Sader Square

All works on display here are available for purchase. The fine art prints are signed, printed on 300g-cotton paper and made in runs of 100 units per format. The drawings are all original. The technical and size information are specified next to each piece. For […]

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