The partnership with L´Occitane began in 2011 with the Vitória-Régia (Water Lily) collection’s packing and communication materials for the L´Occitane group’s new brand, L´Occitane au Brésil, celebrating the Brazilian biodiversity. The packaging of the Água de Coco (Coconut Water) soap collection was released in 2014 and won the first place in the 2015 ABRE Prize of the Brazilian Packaging Association. In 2015 the Olinda collection was created to honor Brazilian women. The project’s concept is to always give the world the best of Brazil.

A woman against a backdrop of wholesomeness, calm, peace and fluidity. Olinda de Viver (Olinda to Live For) line

Olinda de Viver (Olinda to Live For), 2018

Olinda Collection. When a feeling translates into a drawing and encloses a smell

Family of characters honoring the cultural manifestations of Pernambuco

The Olinda Collection emphasizes forms that convey the joy, vivaciousness, femininity, colors, authenticity, magic and irreverence of the women from Olinda

Olinda Collection, 2015

Zoetrope making-of for the Olinda Collection media campaign, 2015

Vitória-Régia (Water Lily) day pattern, 2013

Vitória-Régia day (Water Lily) day collection, 2013

Vitória-Régia (Water Lily) night pattern, 2013

Vitória-Régia night (Water Lily) night collection, 2013

Pattern for the Água de Coco (Coconut Water) collection, 2014

Special and limited soap edition, 2014

Production: Trilha Mídia. Direction, screenplay and editing: Felipe Tomazelli and Ricardo Martensen. Director of Photography: Dado Carlin. Original Soundtrack and Sound Designer: Ciça Herman and Rodrigo Melo (kungfu). Motion Designer: João Baltieri. Colorist: Thiago Masci. Set Production: Fernanda Carvalho. Audio operator: Rodrigo Basilato