Visual identity and scenography creation for the Visitors Centers in six state parks in Alto do Ribeira region, São Paulo State: Ilhabela, Ilha do Cardoso, PETAR, Intervales, Carlos Botelho and Caverna do Diabo. This work was part of the São Paulo State Government’s Ecotourism in the Atlantic Rainforest Project, 2010. Project done in partnership with architects Pedro Lira and Manoela Machado, and designers Elisa von Randow and Joana Amador.

Scenography for the Caverna do Diabo State Park

Forest and cave detail in scenography of the Caverna do Diabo State Park

Interactive tree, Caverna do Diabo State Park

Scenography for PETAR (Alto do Ribeira Touristic State Park)

Visitors Center, Caverna do Diabo State Park

Pattern developed for the visual identity of the Alto do Ribeira State Parks, São Paulo

Part of the icons family created for the visual identity




Regional icons printed on merchandise

Application of the visual identity to merchandise