Exhibition curated by Mamé Shimabukuro on the visual identity and scenography work done for the Pernambuco State Carnival over a period of 10 years. The exhibition was on in Jan-Mar 2018, at the Tomie Ohtake Institute, São Paulo.

Bringing the exhibition inside the institute meant boosting the magic of the Pernambuco Carnival to the point of inflaming human territories to reflect on Brazilian miscegenation.” Mamé Shimabukuro

Photography: Everton Ballardin

Video produced by Chromatik Filmes


Belonging Room A certain state of recall: fragments and devices to tread the early steps along the path. This is about reconnoitering the depths, the roots of many traditions; to breed identities and seek out meaning in this universe’s writing.

Belonging video

Masks, the visual identity of the Recife Multicultural Carnival

Demonstration Room For the duration of Carnival, does the body leaves a person behind to experience a character, or is it the other way around? An invitation to blend into the shine and the crowd, to feel magic vibrate; to recreate one’s self, to break loose.

Transcendence Room To conquer the streets and their scale, figures become monumental structures. To transcend, when it comes to Carnival, means to find a state that conveys good, but one that exists within one’s own self, a wonderful balance between the individual and the outside world.


Characters Mural

Sequerência Woman and Fragmentary Women

Fragmentary Women mural

Staff: Concept: Joana Lira and Mamé Shimabukuro Curator and Art Director: Mamé Shimabukuro Executive producer: Veridiana Aleixo Exhibition design: William Zarella Build and assembly: Elástica SP Cenografia Lighting: Marcos Cicerone Consultancy, media-art production and character animation: Estúdio Laborg Visual communication: Elisa von Randow and Julia Masagão Music Director: Maurício Badé