Site-specific created in 2017 for Sesc Santo André, in the Greater São Paulo, curated by Diego Matos.

Addresses a departure from life’s standards, prisons and constraints, in addition to proposing reflection on what we take from nature through violence, and how it responds. Self-cultivation is all that is left when the world around us seems to crumble apart.

The imagery and technique that her work evokes candidly show her birthright visual repertoire, he training and life experience, and her transit among the various creative fields, such as object design, graphic design and the visual arts.
Diego Matos

Photography: Lia Lubambo

Viewers incorporated into the artwork

Vegetable shapes erupting

The transformation of space from several angles

Cuts and layers

Poetic windows

Internal structure and selfies


A window showcases the creative process through a cross section of works done from 1993 to 2017