The first piece created for Tok&Stok was the Ave Eva Ave bag, in 2011. Since then, other product collections have been developed. In 2014, six collections were released at once and Joana Lira officially became one of Tok&Stok’s partner designers. In 2015 the Casario (Houses) and Pólen (Pollen) collections were part of Design for All exhibition, at the 5th Brazilian Design Biennial, in Florianópolis, and at the 11th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial in Rio de Janeiro, where the Bico de Pena (Quill) collection won the trophy for outstanding work.

Moving seeds, flowers and leaves arranged in bright and vibrant colors loaded with enthusiasm and vivaciousness. Telúrica line, 2016

Coffee cups. Telúrica line, 2016

Dinner set. Telúrica line, 2016

Armchair and footstool with Telúrica print, inspired in elements from the land, 2016

Broto de Amor (Love Sprout) (Love Sprout) cake platter, 2016. China in soft colors, ton-sur-ton print and touches of gold. Line created in honor of the artist’s two children, Joaquim and Dora

Fruit bowl. Fruto Tropical (Tropical Fruit) line, 2016

Thermal lunchbox. Fruto Tropical (Tropical Fruit) line, 2016

Banana, pineapple, jocote, mango, cashew, guava. Fruits that nature offers as food dance in the Fruto Tropical (Tropical Fruit) line, interconnected by leafy strands for contemplation

Tea set. Broto de Amor (Love Sprout) line, 2017

Jewel case. Broto de Amor (Love Sprout) line, 2017

Vases. Broto de Amor (Love Sprout) line, 2017

Bico de Pena (Quill) dishware, an award winner at the 11th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial, in 2015

Double-faced china sculpture-vases Damiana do Rosário and Tobias Eurico, 2014

Voa Passarinho (Fly Away Bird) Collection, 2014

Pólen (Pollen) Collection. Fertility symbol printed on products, 2014

Pólen (Pollen) pattern on dishware, 2014

Casario (Houses) Collection in honor of the architecture of Brazilian country towns, 2014

Casario (Houses) pattern on dishware, 2014

Fauna e Flores (Fauna and Flowers) line. Products with printed designs inspired in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest, 2014

Mãe, Amor & Arte (Mother, Love & Art), limited edition of signed products, 2014

Ave Eva Ave bag, 2011

This video is part of the 7th issue of Designbook, Tok&Stok’s e-magazine.